Intraoral Dental Scanner

At Moraira Dental Clinic we use the latest technologies in all our treatments. Thus, to create the dental prostheses we use an advanced digital oral scanner, with which we generate a three-dimensional image of the teeth and gums, which helps us to create the prostheses quickly and with pinpoint accuracy.

With this new technology, plaster models and toothpaste prints are no longer necessary. In this way we avoid all the problems associated with conventional technology, so there is no longer nausea or dimensional errors caused by the contractions of the materials.


Intraoral Dental Scanner at Clinica Dental Moraira 

Intraoral Dental Scanner at Moraira Dental Clinic 

Dental Scanner at Moraira Dental Clinic 

The dental scanner generates a virtual model of your mouth, which we send digitally, in a safe and instantaneous way, to our prosthetic laboratory, which in turn designs your dental prosthesis and prints it in 3D, with rapid manufacturing and spectacular accuracy, Never seen so far.

At Clínica Dental Moraira we put the most advanced technologies at the service of your health and comfort, shortening the treatment times.