Treatment of snoring

Do you snore or your sleeping partner says so?

Do you feel tired in the morning or you wake up with headache?

Are you overweight?

Do you feel like suffocating during the night?

Sleep Apnea can cause health problems:

Tiredness, depression, lack of concentration, memory loss, altered libido, hypertension, stroke…. decreasing life expectancy of those who suffer from it. Orthoapnea is a patented intraoral device indicated especially for the treatment of snoring and Sleep Apnea syndrome.

Its funcion consists of controlled advancement of mandible at night to facilitate the passage of the air and to eliminate the snoring as well as Sleep Apnea.


The Orthoapnea splint is custom-made and adapted to your mouth in a way it won't bother you. Your dentist will take a dental impression of your teeth, so we can manufacture a totally personalized device.

Orthoapnea permits all the movements: opening, laterality and advancement. You can also drink water while wearing the device. Fight against Sleep Apnea has never been so easy!


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